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A message from our campus principal

Hello there, thank you for taking an interest in Oscar International School, Nongheo campus.

My name is Jonathan Roy Andrews and I am the Principal at this branch. I would like to use this opportunity to inform you about my personal work ethic, and the values that we promote at OIS2.

I am lucky enough to have worked at Oscar International for many years. I’ve taught kindergarten 2 and 3, Year 1, Year 5, as well upper Secondary English, IELTS, and our School’s FEP class before starting to serve as the School Principal. This time spent with all ages, in all departments, has resulted in me placing a high value on developing trusting and long lasting relationships between students and teachers, with a friendly atmosphere all around the school. Students often interact with teachers in other departments, and so feel welcome and comfortable wherever they are. When it is time to go into a new grade, learners are already very familiar with their new teacher for that year, and everyone is always very well acquainted with me.

As a School, our International Teachers are encouraged to place a high emphasis on English ability; this focus underlies all the other subjects taught in the International Program. Our Lao teachers are dedicated professionals who teach intensive lessons in the Lao National School Curriculum. This combined focus allows our students to be holistically educated in naturally International and varied manner. 

OIS is always focused on improving our School, our students, and ourselves as teachers. A great man once said, “Everything is impossible until it’s done”. That is my personal ethos in life, and it fits in quite well with the schools mission statement of “believe in yourself”. We aim high, we never give up, and we never stop getting better. I look forward to meeting you!

Kind regards,

John Andrews



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