Our Kindergarten department is split in to three fractions, Kindergarten 1 (3 years old), Kindergarten 2 (4 years old) and Kindergarten 3 (5 years old).


The Kindergarten curriculum at Oscar Bilingual School focuses on key learning skills such as early communication and language skills, listening and speaking, early literacy and numeracy, learning to share and cooperate with others, a heightened level of self awareness, as well as improved knowledge and understanding of the world around them. Our Kindergarten classes set the foundations for our students to make an easy and enjoyable transition into mainstream education.
Our Kindergarten curriculum focuses on learning areas that include:

  • letter and sound recognition of the alphabet
  • geometric shape and number recognition
  • developing perceptual and motor skills
  • increasing confidence and fluency in communicating
  • improved ability to work freely both individually and in small groups
  • a heightened perception of self awareness and enhanced fine and large motor skills

The cross curricular Kindergarten classes are specially designed to adequately prepare our students mentally, socially and intellectually for their first year of study in the primary programme.